Wednesday, April 08, 2009

We pause in our regularly scheduled baby knitting....

... to bring you some extra baby knitting.
It's for Connor, the freshly born son of my friends Karl and Jeannette. He arrived after putting his mom through a long labor, is 8 lbs. and change and presumably, perfect. Haven't heard much from the new parents.
the Fool and I are going to be in their neighborhood this weekend, so I wanted to make a little something that wasn't an Ann Norling fruit cap, which is what I reflexively cast on for when I hear there's a new baby around.
Presenting Cisco, a free pattern from Berroco, on the head of a baby who thought getting up at 7 a.m. would be a great thing to do today. Also, who has been trying to bite a button off a cushion all morning and who spent his time at the park trying to eat oak leaves.

I've been wanting to knit this for a while, and thought it would be a great way to use up odds and bobs of cotton yarn, which it was. I love the bright colors, but I bet any assortment of a half dozen would work well, depending on your mood and what you thought the baby might like. Brooklyn Tweed knitted one, only in handspun wool and all tasteful-like, which is another way to go and which would eliminate one of the problems with this hat, illustrated below.
The pattern, while free, had a couple glitches. First, it recommended you pick up stitches in what is essentially a horseshoe shape, on a straight needle. I switched to circulars. Second, one of the numbers was iffy, and once I did some arithmetic, I saw why it was making an off-center row of eyelets down the front of the hat.
Those things on the top are ears, says the pattern, but look more like horns, said my friend Carrie. They're knitted in a clever manner; there is no seaming to this hat. It's all picking up and knitting, which I like.
Decreases and increases for the front give it a bit of a zigzaggy thing going on.

Otherwise, it's a fun knit and I think it's tremendously cute.
Which is great, because this is what the inside looks like. In thinking about it, I should have tried carrying some of the strands up the side. This is ridiculous.

Romeo says thanks for the welcoming wishes and of course, his bottom is a heat-seeking device, which is why he likes to sit on wool. And Jamie's big Winnie the Pooh, too. Here he and Angus are, doing their thing.

And now back to the other baby knitting, which shall be revealed in the fullness of time.


Anonymous said...

Sorta stuff the ends in and call them extra insulation. Ought to work. The hat is so cute.
Paula in Iowa

LaurieM said...

It's a delightful little hat.

I enjoy your reports on Jamie's activities.

Finally, my word verification is "socker". How appropriate!