Thursday, July 09, 2009

Among the Muggles

ME: Sorry I didn't make it to the meeting; I'm doing a lot of work for this fiber festival, and Tuesday turned out to be the only free night I have this week, so I wanted to stay home.
OTHER PERSON: Fiber festival?
ME: Yeah, like, yarn and knitting and fiber arts.
OP: Ohhh! I thought you meant fiber in the diet.
ME: Like oat bran?
OP: Yes!
ME: I don't know how much fun that kind of a fiber festival would be.

Unfortunately, that is about as much time as I'm spending with the fiber arts this week. Unless you count working with Rachel to assemble tiered skirts for a clogging team which she and Edward and the Fool volunteered for, and which is performing Saturday afternoon at the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival. Naturally, because I have a deadline on these skirts, I had a lapse of brainfulness regarding the measurements I needed, and am re-engineering three of them. Sigh.

Jamie took up walking over the Fourth of July weekend. We were at a contra dance weekend, and he walked six steps, then 10, and then a bunch. He still prefers crawling, but periodically walks a little bit too. I'll put up some pictures from the weekend as soon as I remember to bring the camera in from the car. Jamie had a decent time, I think, even though the Fool and Edward and I had to play a lot (we were one of the hired bands.) He hung around with Rachel, and we wore him on our backs when it seemed like he wanted to sleep a bit. Sometimes, he objected loudly and unhappily, but mostly, he looked around at the dancers and everyone else on stage.

All the bipedal business has made Jamie a bit clingy, and Angus has got a mood upon him as well, so now, whenever I nurse Jamie to sleep, Angus comes and cuddles up behind me, which is nice and all, but it's getting hot here - and I do not like being the filling in their Big Sandwich O' Love. The Fool says to close the bedroom door, but I don't remember to do that until I feel Angus leap onto the bed and get snuggly.

OK. Jamie is still napping, and I have one more skirt to fix. We are going to take the train downtown in a bit to meet the Fool and our friends Susan and Christian and Wee Liam for dinner at a place with Thursday-night-specials on fancy wood-oven pizzas. Yum.


LaurieM said...

Ah, a walking baby! Let the fun begin!

JakkiMitch said...

I agree with LaurieM -- Hang on to your hats (and needles!)