Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I had no idea Meg is so suggestible

So our original plan this evening was to make a batch of enchiladas for dinner. Meg doesn't really have a recipe for enchiladas; she just makes it up as she goes along. I, on the other hand, am one of those people who likes to follow recipes to the letter. So guess who was in charge of making dinner!

I decided to clean up the kitchen a bit to give Meg some room to work. Part of this involved me going out back to dump the compost. The compost bin is tantalizingly close to the garden, so I stopped by to check on all of the plants, in particular the tomatoes. There was one ripe cherry tomato and a green tomato that had managed to fall off the vine, so I brought those both in. I figured we could leave the green tomato on the counter for a few days and it would ripen.

So I came back into the house, put the tomatoes on the counter, and continued to clean up the kitchen. A few minutes later...

Meg: *sigh* I don't really want enchiladas for dinner. I mean, I'll make them and all because that's what we planned, but I really want catfish.

Me: *puzzled* ...catfish?

Meg: Yeah.

And it was then that I realized that the sight of the green tomato sitting on the counter set her mind racing about the possibility of Southern comfort food, namely fried green tomatoes and cornmeal-crusted catfish. So after some coaxing, I convinced her to make an unplanned grocery run.

All in all, it was a grand enchilada dinner.

It was a bit of a bizarre day. The power went out some time last night, which meant that my alarm didn't go off this morning. "No problem," I thought, "I'll just work from home.... Oh wait, the power's out, so that means the Internet is out..." On top of that, the Internet went out the day before, so even if we had had power, it wouldn't have matter. On top of that, neither of us were able to shower because we have an electric well pump, and there's only a limited amount of water pressure until the water goes completely.

So we had a nice day frequenting various cafes in the area which have free Wi-Fi.

Jamie had a nice day splashing about at a nearby water park. I guess his swimming trunks ride a bit low, and Meg got a picture of him bending over to pick something up, and... yeah, it's a plumber's butt picture. We'll spare you.

So all that splashing around really tired him out. He took a long nap. On his mom.

Now we're winding down, checking e-mails, and blogging. What crazy adventures will life throw our way tomorrow?


Stephenson! said...

Oh my GOD, that looks like such an awesome dinner! :D

Tola said...

that is an absolutely beautiful photo of mother and son. i think she deserves fried catfish!

Susan said...

Such a beautiful picture of mother and son! (And the dinner looks tasty, too.)

Enjoy yourselves in OR and when you get back, we have a birthday gift for Jamie!