Wednesday, October 07, 2009


.... the Yarn Harlot has improved my fiber life. She's funny, I like hearing her give speeches, I thought the Sock Summit was a whole lot of fun, all good.
Except on her blog, in the past, she's talked about the Heat Wars, in which she and her brother compete to see who will be the last to turn on their heat in the face of a Canadian winter.
This year, the Fool decided to play. (Why he couldn't pay attention to the parts of her blog that talk about spinning or Latvian mittens, I don't know).
He issued the invitation on Facebook and has several takers, surprisingly. A lot of our friends live in apartments or condos, so don't have any control over when the heat goes on. One friend has twin babies, so I said she was off the hook. (Although she's a knitter, so she could knit them stuff. But she has two, so, nevermind.) But a handful - either cheap or green - are in. Someone even asked if we could issue handicaps so people in California and Washington DC could also compete.
My friend Barb nobly refrained from snarking when she didn't point out that most mornings, the Fool goes off to a nice, climate-controlled office building, so in reality, Jamie and I are the ones saving money and the environment by keeping the heat off.
The house is well-insulated, though, and is somewhere between 65 and 68 degrees most mornings. It stays cool until the sun hits the big windows in the living room, and then it warms up. It's often warmer outside than it is in the house, at least until about mid-morning.
It's been a little nippier than I like it, but not impossible to manage with wool socks and a sweater. Jamie has been getting lots of mileage out of his frog sweater and I make a big mug of tea first thing. We've also been eating oatmeal for breakfast, and today, I found if I put the bowl in my lap, I can warm my hands on it.
I just wish he'd warned me that he was cooking up this idea. I could have been engaging in protective knitting ahead of time, maybe making myself a nice cardigan over the summer, rather than messing around with lace and socks.


LaurieM said...

Something's not right with this picture... I hope you are being amply compensated for your sacrifice. Perhaps with yarn?

the fiddlin' fool said...

You do know, dearest, that I am only half joking? I fully expect that the forecast for snow on Sunday will require us to heat the house.

Julie said...

We just haven't gotten around to buying a new filter yet, so we're going heatless too. Today, it hovered around 60. Urgg.
Must go to home improvement store before forecast snow.

Anonymous said...

Around these parts, we just call it "good snuggling weather", if you know what I mean...