Friday, October 02, 2009

Socktoberfest fail

Socktoberfest is not off to a rollicking start around here. I thought I'd celebrate by finishing up two unfinished pairs of socks that have been languishing for a while. Here's my current status:
Pair 1: unfinished sock located, needles still holding the toe stitches of a second sock elsewhere, pattern missing.
Pair 2: first sock located, pattern in my purse, second ball of yarn totally missing.

The second pair irks me. First, I knit a sock, then I couldn't find the second ball of yarn. I found the yarn, but lost the first sock. Then I finally found the first sock in a strange and unpredictable place, only to discover that the yarn is missing. I put the sock back where I found it, noting to myself its bizarro location, and a couple days later, the yarn turned up. Finally, I went and got the sock from its secret home and yesterday? Could not find the yarn. It's like the two items can't exist together in the same knitting project bag.
Ironically, I have been carrying the lace pattern for this sock on an index card in my purse for about a year.

To solve the problem, I went stash diving and came up with two balls of self-striping yarn that will make really nice playground knitting. Grrr.

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