Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A trip to the goat zoo

Jamie and I went to the Cosley Zoo today, a little local zoo with farm animals and some examples of the local wildlife. I couldn't pull him away from the Nubian goat pen, not even to look at the sheep or the two llamas. Goats, goats, goats. He likes to sit cross-legged in front of animals that entertain him, as I found when he planted himself in front of some puppies at a pet store last week.
So he planted himself in the barn in front of the goat pen and giggled when the baby goat walked all over an adult goat.
We had a near mohair-disaster, speaking of goats and Jamie. We were in Knitche on Monday, and Jamie, who is getting over a cold, sneezed, a big, wet boogery sneeze, and before I could get a tissue out of my pocket and catch him, he rubbed his hand over his nose in bewilderment and reached for a pretty fuschia ball of Kidsilk Haze.
I have never moved so fast in my life.
Goats aside, Knitpicks came through, and tomorrow, I will be taking my crappy bucket and my sack of black walnut hulls and starting some kind of a dyebath.
Pictures to follow.


Benita said...

Try it first with straight walnuts, then, add some iron for a second dye bath. With the walnuts only, you should get anything from gray to a nice brown. With a tiny bit (I'm talking 1% WOG here), the color will deepen to either black or a dark, dark brown. I can't wait to see your results!

Anonymous said...

Nice story about the snot and yarn. My sister was recently visiting from Aurora, and I took her along with my 5 year old to a LYS here. My son proceeded to get very upset that I wouldn't take him to the bank right now to withdraw some of his own money because he wanted to buy some, guess what? Kidsilk Haze. In cream. Then one of the ladies there took pity on him and showed him the cashmere by rubbing it on his cheek. That made him feel slightly better. Cashmere makes me feel better too. The lady at the store said, "At least he has good taste!"