Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cast on!

Tonight, at knitting group at Panera, I started the Aran sweater I'm making the Fool for the Knitting Olympics. I forgot how much I like knitting cabled things. It's so much fun. Of course, I had the wrong size needle with me, but Peggy loaned me a KnitPicks needle of hers, and I was able to get things started.
At home, the Fool and Jamie watched raccoons on the porch. By watched, I mean, Jamie cried and hid on the Fool's lap. Raccoons seem to be something Jamie likes in abstract (pictures in his books, video on YouTube), but does not like when they are on his porch, peering through the sliding glass door.
Earlier this week, Jamie and I were at his doctor's for his 18-month checkup. His pediatrician, who also knits, finished up her exam and stepped outside to write up her notes. She finished, poked her head around the door and said, a little quietly, "So, are you doing anything for the Knitting Olympics?"
We compared project notes - she's doing a lace cardigan from the Twist Collective patterns.
Too fun. The camera batteries are charging, I swear, so maybe there will be a photo on this blog one of these days.

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Ms. Kimba said...

i'm knitting a shawl for the Harlots Olympics....will be my excited!!!