Monday, February 15, 2010

the Sweater of Minor Setbacks

The Fool said, as I knit and cussed tonight, because the chart wasn't matching what I was knitting, that I had very little good to say about the project.
So far, I've had to drop and recross two cables, and drop and fix five stitches that should have been purls that were knits. And now I have a dropped stitch to ladder back up, and there's a cable cross in the way and ... grrr.
If this were Olympic figure skating, I would be the skater who keeps falling down.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if it will help but I'm a grad student, working on a big project, and, if there is an error to be made, I make it. I feel like the rat in the maze who takes every wrong turn possible....sigh.

Good luck with your sweater. I had to skip the knitting olmpics this year to work on this paper.

JakkiMitch said...

Sure can commiserate! My post this morning was "False Starts." I'm doing a much easier project, but still struggling to get out of the "starting gate" with it.

=Tamar said...

It's supposed to be a challenge, right? You're the one who keeps getting up and going on, too.