Monday, October 31, 2005

Harvest Sock Progress

I've finally taken a few pictures of my Harvest Socks. They were taken right at the time I decided to cut the waste yarn for the afterthought heel.

You can see that the sock was knit in the tube, and the waste yarn was where the two needles are. It was a little nervewracking to cut out the waste yarn for fear I would cut live stitches, but I did manage to avoid it. Whew!

Here's how the sock looks on my foot. Now all I have to do is knit a toe-shaped wedge where the needles are at the heel, and I will have a perfectly fitting heel.

I really love the sideways garter stitch cuff on these socks, particularly because there is no cast on edge. I like the idea of no-beginning-no-end cuffs, for some reason. I'm a little bit afraid I may run out of yarn before I get to finish the toe, so I am currently working on sock #2 until I get to that toe as well, then we'll see how much yarn I have left.

In other news, I finally finished weaving in the ends to my second entrelac sock. This means that I can wear them out in public without fear of being ridiculed for dangly ends hanging out of my socks. The argyles are slow going as well, and I really haven't made any progress on those, except I finished weaving in all the ends. Darn duplicate stitch! The cabled and bobbled hat is still on the needles, though I'm thinking that has to get finished up soon. That project has been around since before I started knitting socks!

I cast on for this lacy shawl yesterday, and it looks really peculiar, and I don't know what I think of it. I keep messing up the stitch count, and it's really slow going. I feel a bit like I'm swimming in a sea of knitting and not really getting anywhere. I think finishing a lot of overhanging projects will help me out, but maybe I'm just sort of in an off month. No real motivation for some reason. I'm sure that will change soon.


Sockbug said...

Those look great! I've never tried the sideways cuff, but I like how it makes your yarn look! I know what you mean about motivation, I've definitely got the blahs this week.

Thorny said...

Well, I can't really help with the lacy shawl per se, but I have heard over and over that lace knitting kind of goes like you describe - you're in this sea of knitting and you knit and knit and knit and don't get anywhere, you knit two more rows and suddenly you've leaped ahead a whole foot or something. I've also heard lace knitting requires a bit of a leap of faith - you do all this knitting and have this big lump of yarn in your lap, and then you block it and voila! A gorgeous lace thing!

I'm thinking about doing Branching Out myself, actually, but keep finding excuses not to start just yet. Not least of which is the yarn I'm going to use (a skein of Rowan Kidsilk Haze I bought in a moment of complete insanity) is way too nice to have out in the world when the kids are sick and boogery.