Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It's a Freakishly Small World After All

For those of you who don't constantly scan the comments section of my blog (OK, that's all of you), Punk Rock Knitter and boyswillbe spotted me on the Western bus yesterday evening while I was adding duplicate stitch to one of my argyles. One of them runs the You Knit What?? blog to which I subscribe. They were coming back from a local SnB meeting, oddly enough.

I overheard one of them talking about crochet, then something about an "ugly pink cardigan." I realized then that their style reminded me of a YKW post, so I later told my wife that I thought I ran into a YKWer on the bus. I had no idea that one of the bloggers lives in Chicago!

What's even stranger is that I hardly ever take the Western bus. I was getting my hair cut near where I used to live and was on my way up to Lincoln Square to help a friend of mine move some stuff. Had I walked just slightly faster, I would have caught the earlier bus and none of this would've happened.

What I would like to know is how they found me on the web. Perhaps it was through the MenWhoKnit or Midwest Knitters web rings.


boyswillbe said...

"Had I walked just slightly faster, I would have caught the earlier bus and none of this would've happened."

Ah, grasshopper, you put too much faith in the CTA. Not so close together, the Western buses.

Chicago is the center of the knitting universe, didn't you know? ;)

the fiddlin' fool said...

Actually, I saw the bus drive through the intersection when I was about 30 feet away.

boyswillbe said...

It must have been behind schedule then. We usually wait about 20 minutes for a bus on Tuesday nights.

punk rock knitter said...

I remembered that you'd posted once over at YKW?? and Kathy Merrick asked you some rather specific question about your music tastes and so I clicked on your profile, and that's how I found ya.

Loretta Beretta said...

Several of my favorite things, all in one... knitting, fiddles, and Chicago. Sign me up. (enjoyed looking at your projects...)