Friday, October 21, 2005

This is Getting Out of Hand

I have so much finishing to do, it's absolutely absurd! And I have little inspiration to finish any of them.
  • Weave in ends on the second of the entrelac socks
  • Weave in ends on the second of the argyle socks
  • Weave in ends on the beret
  • Seam my wife's sweater together (she knit it but I told her I'd finish it for her)
  • Finish duplicate stitch on the argyles
By the way, duplicate stitching over black stitches produced from US 1 needles is a huge pain! Going across the argyle diamonds is actually kind of fun, but only because I can see what I'm doing. So I haven't gotten far at all on them, and it's a bit disappointing.

Perhaps I need to dedicate my sit-down time entirely to finishing and save the knitting for when I'm walking.


Thorny said...

Oof. I can imagine the duplicate stitch on black is a pain. Would sticking a flashlight or something inside the sock throw you off too much? Because I'm thinking maybe a bit of light /behind/ the stitches might be helpful, you know?

Kenny said...

Seems like a lot of weaving to do. get on it boy!

kate said...

congrats on the pattern in Men Knits...just amazing.