Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My Newest Endeavor

Balls of yarn for Rosemarkie
What you see is the basis for my swatch of Alice Starmore's Rosemarkie out of the Celtic Collection. This is a vest that I will be knitting for my wife. They are completely different colors than what Starmore calls for, but the Rowan yarns she used have long since been discontinued. Instead, we decided to go with a bunch of Debbie Bliss DK yarns we got at Fine Points in Cleveland. I hope that I can get gauge, as I have heard that getting gauge on her patterns is difficult to near impossible. US 3s don't seem to be cutting it, thus far, so I'll have to drop a size or two.

The start of my lace shawl
This is the blurb of shawl I have knitted so far using Misti lace weight baby alpaca. It looks, erm... funky. I've been told I have to have faith, for all will be well when I block it.

I have finished some of the UFOs that were hanging over my head, but I still have the cabled and bobbled hat that I've had on the needles since the beginning of time. I was going to pick it back up last night after I finished the Harvest Socks, but unfortunately I've lost the wonderful chart I constructed for it. I also can't seem to find the other needle. Sigh. I'm hoping it will turn up at some point. Maybe I wasn't meant to work on it just now.

There is also that toe-up sock that I have to finish. I think I will not do a gusset and will instead do a Sherman Heel at the recommendation of Sockbug. It would be nice to get that out of the way.

I don't know what kind of socks I will cast on next. I was thinking perhaps something lacy for my friend Michelle (who has small feet), or maybe socks for Mom as part of her Christmas gift. I'm more interested in the vest right now, but I really should put something on the needles, especially if I want it to be complete for Christmas.

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Sockbug said...

I like your color choices better than the original Rosemarkie, but I can't imagine knitting a whole vest on needles potentially smaller than a 3!