Friday, November 18, 2005

Status Update

I've got a lot of stuff in progress right now. My plan is to finish them in the order listed below, as this combines new projects with outstanding WIP in a way that I think I will be able to tolerate:

  • Vine Lace Socks

  • Argyle Socks

  • Fiesta Feet

  • Cabled and Bobbled Hat

  • Rosemarkie Vest

The Vine Lace Socks (out of Socks 3) are my newest sock project. I started knitting these last week, only to realize that they were going to be way too small around. 54 stitches around at 8 st/inch stockinette doth not a woman's medium make, unless your idea of medium is way smaller than mine. So I'm going to try the same pattern on 2s instead of 1s and see what happens. I hope I figure it out soon, as these are supposed to be a Christmas present for Mom.

Then I have to finish those darn argyles! The duplicate stitch is going to take forever. Maybe if I just do a few stitches a day, I can lick this thing. Next time, I'm just going to do intarsia for the lines, or not knit a black background! Meg said she wanted a pair of argyles after I finished these. Well, maybe after I have these done for awhile I will give them another go.

Lucy Neatby's Fiesta Feet is going to be fun. I have one of the garter cuff bands done for that, and I will work on the second once I finish the Vine Lace Socks. These should be a lot of fun, as I decided to use up a whole bunch of different variegated scrap yarns for the contrasting color. I like Lucy's approach, generally, as she seems to be fairly practical and willing to break the "rules" of sock knitting.

The Cabled and Bobbled Hat has been looming over my head ever since I started doing socks. It would be really swell if I got that completed. I think after this project I'll leave the cabling to Meg and stick with color as my medium of expression. Cables are just too fussy!

Then, of course, the vest. This will be a lot of fun, though it's certainly a long term project. I'm about halfway up the ribbing on the bottom. It's 2x2 ribbing, but since I've been doing the purl stitches with the opposing color, it's not nearly as stretchy as one might expect. I'm hoping that it will still be wide enough. In the worst case scenario, I just knit the button bands slightly wider when I'm done. 3500 stitches down, an innumerable number to go!


Kenny said...

Man, you do all the hard stuff!!! And they all look greeat! I bow down to you.

Celtic Knitter said...

Wow . . .sounds difficult. I saw that you are into Celtic music. Me too!! I'm an Irish harpist and flautist. Check out my Celtic Knitting site.