Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was a knitter

She had to have been.

I finished knitting Eris over the weekend.
While I was knitting it - mind you, this was several weeks ago that this occurred to me - it seemed like the sleeves were ... not right. Not wrong, but not right.
"Wrong" means I've clearly made some kind of bad mistake that needs frogging to fix.
"Not right" means maybe I'm just looking at them from an unusual angle, or perhaps the light is not so good, or maybe (and this was the Fool's suggestion), the piece needs blocking.
Right. Blocking.
But I kept knitting, because deep inside, I have this idea that knitting projects, sewing projects, etc., are like little living creatures. Which, say, catch colds sometimes. And colds will go away by themselves if you leave them alone.
Then I finished the first sleeve and decided to try the sweater on.
The sleeve was wrong.
So I knitted the second one!

I tried the sweater on right after I finished it.
It fits great! Especially as my right arm has always been a couple inches shorter than my left one. I also like my sweater sleeves to end above my wrists, all the better to show off my lovely watch, which I got at Target.
And did I mention that I have amazingly twig-like arms, especially when compared to my overall physique, which -- well, the only part of a tree I might be compared to at all is the trunk, and not the itsy-bitsy skinny twiggy branches.
Also, I don't like a lot of room in the armpits. Constriction is where it's at for me.

Well, maybe if I block it?

Dammit. Hell and damnation. Dammit.



dulcimist said...

You left out the crucial fifth stage, acceptance. Or is that the sigh?

meg said...

That, I expect, will come after I visit a couple yarn shops and get some advice on exactly how much of this sweater I'm going to rip out and reknit.
Four out of five is the best I can do right now ... grin.

dulcimist said...

I guess that's why she calls it the grief "process"

GaiaGal said...

Oh crappers! Sorry to hear your sleeves are having a long last cold! I have great faith that you'll solve the problem at hand...er, at forearm??


Abby said...

Oh, oh, oh! I laughed so hard at this. (sorry to laugh at your pain. Maybe that's an inappropriate emotional response). Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry I laughed.
I found your blog through another knitter's blog... I so identified with your assessment of the knitting process.