Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

Like many couples, we're dividing our day between two families. First, we get to meet some distant relatives of the Fool's, and then we're having dinner with my father, who has declared he is cooking the turkey this year. I suspect it's mostly to win the celery / no celery debate regarding the stuffing. I have been asked to bring a pie, a "real pumpkin pie."
I puzzled over that for a while, but decided he meant, no trying to pass off a sweet potato pie or a butternut squash pie on the pater familias.
The Fool and I took the three wee pie pumpkins on our porch from Halloween, butchered and roasted them, and are draining the puree as we speak. I hope Dad gets that for anyone else? I'd have opened a can of Libby's.


=Tamar said...

I get that real pumpkin pie can be affected by the quality of the pumpkin. Libbys isn't bad but fresh is better.

the fiddlin' fool said...

We got the pumpkins from a farmer's market, so hopefully they are of good quality.

And they're not distant relatives. They are my second cousin once removed, my first cousin twice removed, and probably a few little third cousins running around.

meg said...

Any time you start "removing" cousins, it makes them distant in my book.

Faith said...

Oh wow you're good. I've still never roasted my own. Packed canned pumpkin all the way! Here in Germany though, they don't eat pumpkins, so they look at you strangely if you ask about buying one for food.