Thursday, November 23, 2006

This time, a photo

Disheartened by the list of knitting I hope to accomplish by Christmas, I weeded out the recreational sweaters and took a photo.

Clockwise, from top:
Mystery Thing 2&3: Note there is only one thing, and it's still very mysterious.
Sea Silk scarf.
Sari silk scarf.
The Fool's scarf: Note that it is actually still a skein of yarn. Not good.
Sorta surprise socks: Note that I still haven't found the one I started.
Hedgehog: With newly bought skein of eyelash yarn to finish the little guy.
Eggplant hat in the middle, finished.


Franklin said...

For some reason this photograph looks to me like a Christmas Knitting Hoedown - like they're about to link up and allemande left as you and Fool play for them.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The Sea Silk /is/ gorgeous.

Is it bad if I'm now pondering if I can come down to visit before you send it out, just so I can pet it some before it goes?

meg said...

yes. It's bad to plan road trips to pet yarn.