Thursday, April 05, 2007

Big night out

The Fool left it to me to write about the Knitting Event of the Week, namely, the Yarn Harlot's booksigning in the suburbs.
What a hoot.
The Fool and I got there after work, so we were lucky to find three seats together. We squeezed in to wait for Thorny and discovered we had just horned in on a room-wide game of show-and-tell, where everyone took turns holding up their knitting and announcing the project and the yarn.
I was knitting my Aran cardigan out of Blackwater Abbey. I got a respectable, "Oooooh!" and a shoutout from another BWA fan nearby.
The Fool was knitting his Shetland sweater.
He got a round of applause and gasps of admiration.
And then, when he went to buy us drinks from the coffee bar, he got waylaid by a woman who said her entire row wanted to know if he was single.
(Franklin's photo, shot from the front of the room, makes it look all spacious, and maybe it was, up there in first class, but we were definitely sitting in coach....)

We really enjoyed the talk, which was entertaining and funny and totally made me forget that this guy in front of me was able to lean back and pretty much rest his head on my shoulder. Thorny had some interesting ideas about how the knitting talk reminded her about some feminist stuff she's read - I hope she blogs about it in a much more informed way.
Afterwards, as 6,000 people lined up to get their books autographed, we decided to wait until the line died down, and instead chatted with Franklin and his friend from Knitting Camp, who, like Thorny, is from Madison. We talked about Julia Child and Charlene Schurch and our opinion of the latest round of knitting books for men and the wonderfulness of the Madison knitting guild, and childbirth and lots of other interesting things.
Finally, the line died down and the Borders employees started to look meaningfully at us.
We went and chatted with Stephanie (and did not ask her to sign any personal body parts in lieu of a book.)
She admired our knitting and let us pose with The Sock, and asked how we managed stash.
YH: So do the two of you live together?
ME: We're married.
YH: But do you live together?
ME: Yeah, OK, we do.
YH: How do you handle stash?
ME: We have two baskets of combined stash.
YH: Hmm. That's not going to work for long.
ME: We've only been married a few years.
YH: It's still not going to work. The two basket thing? Nope.

I also learned that while Torontonians do not live in fear of tornados, occasionally, a hurricane sweeps down the St. Lawrence (which I kind of do not believe and am too lazy to Google up.)
And our favorite part?
She said 'arse.'


Knitting Rose said...

two baskets? of course it will work - they are yours and not his, right? My Big Texan only knits what I give him (for now). But since he is talking about dyeing yarn - I may be in for a shock (and I may have less yarn than he).

GaiaGal said...

LOL. "She said 'arse'."

That's a great picture!

I'm so jealous.

Well, maybe not...i did get to go to "The Mannings" yesterday. Neener!

Franklin said...

You were both spoken of fondly on the drive back into the city. Oh, and I reminded her of the Boob Signing anecdote from Rhinebeck. She totally remembered.

LaurieM said...

Sounds like a great time. It's nice to have your knitting appreciated.

Maybe the two baskets will work, and maybe they won't. I have every confidence in both of you to adapt as the situation demands.

My husband and I started out with one bank account for the two of us. That worked fine for several years and then it didn't. It took us a little while to figure things out, but we've had separate bank accounts for just over a year now and it's been working great for us.

We've been married for 15 years.

anne marie in philly said...

what a cute pix of the three of you! and the sock, of course.

to echo some of lauriem's comment, spouse and I each have separate accounts (checking/savings/credit cards). why? cause he doesn't know how to manage money. we also have been married 15 years and this has worked for us from day one.

he doesn't knit, so stash is not an issue. my stash is 3 large tote bags - yes, that's it.

heh heh heh, steph said "arse" (said in a beavis & butthead voice).

how is the move coming along?

the fiddlin' fool said...

They are actually communal baskets. We really do share them, especially the sock yarn basket. By the way, we are firm believers that sock yarn does, in fact, count as stash.

The move is not coming along at all, actually, but it's not until June, so that gives us a fair amount of time to start piling things in.

nuddpenney said...

Hey sock knitters,

I saw you at the Yarn Harlot signing, but I was too shy to come over and say hi, since I only read your blog but never comment. I think I came over from Crazy Lanea's blog one time, and stuck around because, well, musicians who knit! In Chicago! What's not to love? So anyway, Hi from the far west suburbs.


the fiddlin' fool said...

Hey Lisa,

What kind of music do you play? We're moving to the Woodridge area in a few months, so we'll soon be sort-of neighbors!

susan said...

I have found your blog through YH and I just love it!
I think two baskets might just turn into bigger baskets.... or many more baskets!
I love knitting partners!

Lanea said...

Holy crap, where did she get an "All your yarn are belong to us" shirt. Stephanie is multi-geeking, what with the knitting mania and the gaming allusion. I might just faint.

You are kind hearted, generous people. Sharing your yarn stash. It's so sweet. (Please don't teach Scott to knit, either of you, ever ever evereverever. I am mean, and stingy, and I shared plenty with my siblings as a child. Muharhar).

meg said...

CafePress, she said. Thorny adn I coveted it muchly.