Tuesday, April 10, 2007

OK, OK, that's unfair of me

It's really not Beelzebub's beard trimmings.
It's a mohair blend that my best muggle friend gave me, and she bought it for the color and the nice fuzzy softness.
It excels on both counts. You can't tell in these pictures, but it's a sort of peacock green, with subtle dark blue and gold spun in, so I get these gentle arcs of different colors in the shawl. It needs to be blocked and photographed outside for that to show up. I think it's going to make a beautiful piece of knitting (if I can quit screwing up and having to tink the stuff.)

This weekend, I'm going to a big quilt show with some friends here in town. I fear I may fall off the no-more-quilt-fabric wagon in possibly a dramatic and awful way.
I've got an idea for this fabric that my friend Janice brought me from Japan a few years ago. So while I wait for my enchiladas to cool so I can put them away (hooray! Hot lunches for us all week!) I think I might work on my giant flowered quilt and clear the decks for this one.
The Fool is off at Britches tonight, so when he gets home, perhaps I'll persuade him to report on events, and possibly talk about where the Cosmic Otters went over the weekend.


Scattered Gemini said...

Oooh, can't wait to see the colorway in outdoor light, it sounds lovely.

Um, are you running a lifeline every now and then or are you a fearless lace knitter, unlike myself?

meg said...

Lifeline? What's that?

Eldronius said...

oooh, I think it looks wonderful so far. I like the idea of the fuzziness of the mohair, and I am not sure I have ever seen a lace shall with that effect before. I can't wait for the blocking, when the magic happens.

And I am making enchiladas tonight so I can have a couple of nice hot lunches the rest of the week, too! Hooray for leftovers.

Sandy said...

I think it looks great. I am not a fan of knitting the mohair myself. makes me itch.