Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our Weekend in the Southeast

Way too much happened this weekend for me to cover in one post, but I have a few observations to make:
  • I wish all weekends could be five days long
  • Dancers down there don't hoop and holler as much (at least to our music), but they're enjoying themselves just as much
  • Asheville is on our short list of "other places we could live if life conditions were right"
  • Seven hours of driving over five days is much better than twenty hours of driving over three (our last contra dance tour)
  • Contra dancers are among the coolest folks on the planet
We have also discovered that Angus is a wee, troublemaking fink. However, we absolutely adore him for it.


LaurieM said...

It's a thought....

Lanea said...

I want to move to Asheville too. Let's start a contra/knitting/Irishtrad/old-time/bread-baking/cat-loving movement slash commune, but not in a "holy crap, get out of my face you hippies way." Says the hippie. Who drinks lots of coffee.

SarahA said...

When I next go to Asheville to visit the in-laws you'll have to tell me where to go.

knittingjuju said...

So I was catching up with my yarn harlot posts after returning from Camp Stitches in Asheville, and reading her Chicago post, when I see picture of the two projects -- er--- knitters I pawed over at Malaprops bookstore. So hi again folks. I loved your knitting! Much smaller world when all you see are the knitters in it.

Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy said...

The orange boys are the worst finko-pests! (That's why we love them ...)