Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Meet Angus

So far, he is doing his best to charm the ladies, but Spoot and Mab want nothing to do with him. He makes happy little chirrups and warbles whenever he sees them, and goes trotting over, but they rebuff him with hisses and growls. I'm sure they'll come around. He's very friendly and determined to Be. Your. Friend. Dammit.

We are off to North Carolina on Friday, for a whirlwind Cosmic Otters tour with caller extraordinaire Adina Gordon (she of the monstersocken).
Friday night, we're playing in Charlotte; Saturday night, we're playing in River Falls; and Monday night, we are at the venerable Grey Eagle in Asheville. I'm a little nervous. There are, like, real musicians in Asheville and stuff. I'm taking the sleeve of the Blackwater Abbey sweater, which I cast on at the radio station Tuesday night. And a sock, in case of emergency (like finishing the sleeve.) The Fool will undoubtedly be working on his Fair Isle.

Last weekend, I went to the big quilt show here in town with a couple of friends. Here's some photos from that.
I love how two of the blocks spill out into the border. That's an idea I'm going to have to think about and see if I can use somewhere.

This was just pretty - I'm a sucker for Japanese indigos anyway, and the sachiko embroidery on the red part was great. I've got a sachiko kit that I mean to start one of these days, and this might be the thing that inspires me to give it a try.

Applique and paper piecing are two things I just can't get my head around to do with any skill at all. But isn't this great? I always leave this show thinking, I need to learn how to draw properly.

Mary Lee, one of the friends I went to the show with, likes traditional quilting and traditional patterns better than the contemporary work. We both liked this antique bow tie quilt.

Usually, I don't like pastels .. but I thought this one was beautiful. It makes me rethink my no-pastels rule a little bit.

Hee! Sheep!
The teeth are the best part.

And here's a picture of the goodies I got. That big eggplant panel is a Japanese furoshiki, a square of cloth you use to wrap up objects you need to schlep around - the same way urban nomads reuse string-handled shopping bags from Starbucks to haul their lunch. It's going on the wall of my kitchen eventually. The other fabrics are South African indigo fabrics like those originally made in England from 1850 to the middle of the 20th century. It seems I was in a blue mood this time around.

Off to pack! Full report later.


Katie T. said...

Awwww! Angus is a sweetie! I want to love him and hug him and squeeze him and kiss him and...

Sorry, I'm back. :D Angus looks like he has some Siamese in him. that picture makes him look like he's got the seal point ears. If he IS Siamese, look out - he'll be a talker.

Those quilts are beautiful. That's one of the many things I'd like to learn someday (tin whistle, gaelic, how to knit something other than a scarf...).

Have fun this weekend!

Bridget said...

Angus is a cutie! I hope all will settle down soon ...

Great quilts!

LaurieM said...

Angus is a good name. I approve (like you care!) :-)

Thanks for sharing the quilt shots. I can't wrap my head around what is so fun about the process of making a quilt, but I do love the final results. They are so spectacular.

While I love the sheepy's teeth, I'm entranced by the colorful spirals. Spirals are significant to me.

the fiddlin' fool said...


Yes, we were thinking there was a bit of Siamese in him. He certainly has the long, slender body type and big bat ears. And we have heard him talk a decent amount, especially when we had him isolated in the second bedroom for the first day. He really, really seems to like people quite a bit.

Janice said...

Spooters and Mably--and parents too for that matter--will soon reach a point where they Can't Imagine Life Without Anguscat. He appears to be one of those helpful, indispensible types that every household needs. Welcome Angus!!

Nice quilt shots, too!


Diane said...

Glad you changed his name from Dammit to Angus. My youngest cat thinks his name is Dammit Charlie. lol.

maura said...

Great finds at the quilt show and very nice pictures of quilts by others. I want more information on the sheep...was it appliqué?

Have a fabulous time in N.C. and tell the monsterstocken friend i am in her debt...

Knitting Rose said...

Love the quilts. they are beautiful. It is nice when one throws a little surprise at you. It helps you know the quilter. They are people with their different personalities and quirks.

Knitting Rose said...
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Lanea said...

What a face! And the quilts are lovely. I'm avoiding fabric for now because I've run out of storage room.
See you at MDSW! I'll have a guitar in hand, and a passel of musicians in tow.