Saturday, July 07, 2007

By popular request




We're leaving for Cape Breton in about an hour.
The Fool is going to a fiddle camp and I am going to sleep in.
I've answered these critical questions, so I'm set.

1. What will I read on vacation?
I went to the library Thursday night and returned an overdue book on tape, and picked up a few items for vacation reading, using my typical method of walking around the shelves and taking whatever looks interesting. I got some Terry Pratchett, "The Stone Diaries," by Carol Shields, some novel about some goofy pint-pulling contest in Ireland (never heard of it nor the author) and "Rats," a non-fiction book about the history of rats and people. I've wanted to read that last one for a while. I like rats.

2. What will I knit on vacation?
That was a little easier. I've been drooling after my vacation knitting for a while now, and it's going to be my Sockapalooza socks, shown below. It's that Regia bamboo yarn - interesting to knit. I don't know if I'll make it one of my stalwart sock yarns, but I'm having a good time with it.

This is a skein of Sea Silk I picked up at MS&W. I'm going to knit a lace scarf for my MIL out of it - something out of Victorian Lace Today. As a special vacation treat, I went and got one of those fancy Addi Turbo lace needles - size 6. The pattern calls for an 8, but that doesn't seem like it will make the kind of fabric I want. It will be ... too lacy. I don't want this to be something my MIL won't wear because she's afraid of snagging it on something. Can't wait to cast this on.

3. Will I take a banjo or guitar on vacation?
Oy. If I take a guitar, I can practice guitar and sit in on any sessions that might spring up. Also, I'll probably have to check it.
If I take the banjo, I can practice old-time banjo and not sit in on any sessions, as the 5-string banjo is not so conducive for Celtic music, especially if you play it clawhammer style and especially if you don't play it very well yet, two of my problems. I'm in an e-mail 'tune of the week' club with some other musicians spread across the country and I'm about three tunes behind. Cape Breton would give me some time to catch up. And it would fit in the overhead compartment.
I could probably borrow a guitar at a session with more ease than I could borrow a banjo.
I'm leaning toward the banjo, but it doesn't feel right.
Off to load the dishwasher one last time and collect the laundry from the line.

eeeeee! Vacation!


LaurieM said...

I say go with your gut. Vacation is about doing what you want to do, not what you should do.

Anonymous said...

WOW - thank you for posting kitty pictures!

spoot looks just like my little meredith girl.

remove the white patches and mab would look like my bruiser boy steven.

hope you are having a good vacation!

anne marie in philly

Lanea said...

I'm trying to react to sensible things like books and instruments and yarn, but I can only whimper because I can't reach and pet Angus's belly. Who knew when I finally fell for blondes it would be in cat form . . .

meg said...

It's best you can't pet Angus' belly; that's his cue to grab your hand with all four feet and chew on it. I've fallen for this before. Remember, he's not as sweet as he looks.