Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cape Breton

Went to square dances. Went to ceilidhs.

Ogled scenery.

Drooled after lupines.

Looked for strange things. Found them.



Bought yarn.

Ate seafood. Ate homebaked cookies.

Laughed at frogs.

Hiked in bogs.

Slept like logs.


maura said...

The first pic in going on background rotation. Maybe the lupine field too. Thanks for sharing your vacation frogs and bogs!

Is that the start of the shawl?

Thorny said...

OMG - if you did not have the bestest time ever, I will declare that vacation wasted and not allow you any more. ;)

Seriously - unless you're sparing us the photos of "Food poisoned us" or "Rashes abounded" you've really got no one to blame but yourselves if you didn't come back just all floopy with happy relaxation-ness.

Lanea said...

Beautiful! I want to go there so badly.
I finally crawled out of my cave, huge new site finished and packed off out of my world.

Glenna C said...

Sounds like a fantastic vacation! I love the frog pic, and the yarn looks fabulous.

Eldronius said...

Frogs and bogs! How can you go wrong? (aside from the slime and potential gooiness and snakes)

Stephenson! said...


Sandy said...

sounds devine!

Anonymous said...

where was dennis moore, dennis moore, dum-dum-de-dum-dum?

bloody lupines!

welcome back and thanks for sharing the pix!

anne marie in philly