Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tea and Chowder in Meat Cove

Hello from the top of the world. We're at the tea house in Meat Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. It's the northernmost point accessible by road on the island, and the farthest north we've ever been on this continent.

The chowder is really good - big chunks of fish and other swimmy things we can't quite identify, with boiled potato to give it a bit of heft. We're heading back to Cheticamp tonight for Acadian food and music, and then back to our vacation cottage in Inverness.

We're such urbanites that at first, when we opened the window last night, we thought the ocean sounded like traffic.

Earlier today, we decided to visit Gampo Abbey, a Tibetan abbey at the northern end of the island. They weren't offering tours, but the grounds were open, so we poked around the woods looking for the abbey's stupa.

As we were walking around it three times clockwise for luck (as specified in the informational pamphlet) the skies opened up and drenched us as we walked back to the car. We're still evaporating.

More adventures to come ....


LaurieM said...

Welcome to Canada! It seems rather perverse to get rain when you are looking for luck. Are you sure you went the right direction? May be you got yourselves the wrong kind of luck. :-p

Eldronius said...

Maybe it was trying to give you the kind of luck that lets you skip a shower? was trying to save you time. :P

JustApril said...

Nova Scotia! I aspire to visit there sometime. (Since we can't drive to Scotland) It's cool that you were at the Northern most point accessible, it's like being on an adventure, but there's chowder. Enjoy the rest of your stay up there!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

wishin I was there. Hope your having a grand time!!

-Andy (yer dulcimist pal)

Knitting Rose said...

How fun!! remember that rain is a gift - and you got blessed with it! To fun - have a great time.