Monday, July 30, 2007

Sockapalooza finis!

I finished the sock pal socks. Sort of.
See, when I was at the knitting group at Fringe last week (fun time; can't make it this week, but next week definitely), Sarah showed me a way to kitchener sock toes without fishing out a darning needle.
It's pretty slick, but as kitchenering is the bane of my existence (let's put it this way: if I got stuck in Purgatory, all I'd have in my knitting bag is socks to kitchener), I somehow managed to do it backwards.
Or so the Fool diagnosed.
So I batted my eyelashes and wheedled a bit and complimented him extravagantly, and right now, he's picking out my backwards kitchenering (and cussing) and is properly finishing the toe of a sock pal sock for me. I've still got ends to weave in.
The details: Charlene Schurch, "More Sensational Knitted Socks," out of Regia Bamboo.


Katy said...

In my knitting afterlife, there will be lots of sock knitters who hate to graft toes (and afterthought heels) and willing to trade it for casting on and starting the ribbing on top-down socks.

meg said...

No kidding. I've been thinking about doing a pair of sideways socks to get over this grafting block I seem to have. And then I think ... no.

Catherine Kerth said...

They are perrrrrrfect! I love my socks :) i was very excited to get my goodie package... My chocolate was melted but its in the freezer for now.... i've been wearing my socks all afternoon!

meg said...

I was afraid the chocolate would melt! It was so hot here when I bought it - I hope it's still tasty and I'm really glad you like the socks.