Thursday, December 06, 2007

Elliott the drag queen, er, dragon

First bit of Christmas knitting to hit the blog this year. It's Elliott the Dragon from the Interweave Knits holiday knitting issue.

I liked knitting him, and I used nothing but stash yarn ... but the mouth. Hmm. I opted not to put in the tongues of flames, so instead of knitting two semicircles, I knitted one circular shape and stitched it into place.
I don't know if it's my modification that caused this, but Elliott has some mighty big and pouty red lips. It may also be the shape of my hand that makes his face a little unusual.
Here he is eating Angus' nose.

We're off to San Francisco for a long weekend tomorrow. Got lots on the agenda, including a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to visit some sea otters, a wedding, some yarn crawling and a visit with a new Ravelry friend.

I promise loads of otter pictures. It will be the Two Sock Otters or something like that.

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Lanea said...

You know, I my friend Nessa (who is now 7 but used to be much younger) had a habit of naming her stuffed animals strange things, and we realized that everyone in her menagerie was from the Planet Drag Queen. Line DeLana Dalmation, and Sza Sza de La. Maybe Elliott is too?