Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Aaargh!

I'm running out of yarn on the Sea Silk scarf 28 rows before the end. I knit like a madwoman last night and nearly finished the whole border (with only four or five instances where I had to tink and most of those because I forgot a yarn over which is pretty easy to fix) and now I'm running out of yarn. There is no way I can finish this with the yarn left.

Plan A: Send The Fool, who is working at home today, to Knitche, the only yarn store that I know of that carries Sea Silk in the area, and hope the Ghost of Christmas Present, or whatever spirit watches over fool knitters who wait until the last minute, has seen fit to stuff a skein of this color in the bin.)
Advantages: Done before Christmas.
Disadvantages: None, except that the knitting time to finish this is taking away from knitting time on other projects, not to mention present wrapping, packing and cookie baking.

2. Rip back the entire border I have knitted plus a couple repeats of the pattern, reknit the Entire Dang Thing.
Advantages: Will have a nice birthday present done by February, will devote knitting time tonight to Other Things to see if I can get one single project done by the time it needs getting done.
Disadvantages: Will be knitting this farkin' scarf until February.


Kim said...

Option 3:Call Knitche and ask nicely if they will check for the colorway you need. Saves a trip if they don't and you can move back to option 2.

the fiddlin' fool said...

I pre-emptively opted for option 3 and was successful. It's really hard to tell how well it matches when it's skeined up, though. I think it will be close enough.

By the way, all of the employees at Knitche were ogling it and asked if Mom "would appreciate such a gift." I think they were thinking that if she doesn't like it, you might give it to one of them.

Scattered Gemini said...

Don't feel so bad, i had to rip and entire "ice queen" and reknit it after blocking it and finding a dropped stitch. I had woven in the ends and could not find the beginning in the picot bind off. UGH!!

I called Mom in NW Indiana to warn her that her package will be shipping late. :(