Monday, February 25, 2008

Finished socks!

I've been in a mood to finish unfinished things lately. These socks were lingering from before Christmas, but now they're done, and the Fool likes them quite a bit.

I knit them from Sockina Cotton, by Schoeller and Stahl, which is a cotton and acrylic blend that comes in a bunch of self-striping colors. I like this yarn very much. It feels good to knit with and it's much softer than other cotton yarns I've knit with, such as Sockotta.
But ... but but but ... it's not very consistently made, it seems. When you go to buy this yarn, you have to feel all the balls and buy the softest ones. If you buy one that feels scratchy or stretched out, you have a yarn with no elasticity at all. I made this mistake with these socks.
Here's the same number of stitches knit in 2x2 ribbing on the same needles by the same knitter - and I swear the top needles don't have the ribbing stretched out.

It's really too bad, because like I said, I really like this yarn. I'd love to see it in some different colors, semisolids, etc. But not if I have to keep fondling all the yarn to find some that can be used for socks. (Not that fondling yarn is a bad thing; I just like consistency, y'know?)


anne marie in philly said...

oooooooooh, a leg shot of the fool!

(drools on the keyboard)

thanks, meg! :-)

PS - the socks look nice also!

Sarah said...

Dude, that totally happens with that yarn sometimes. Lorna hit a whole skein that stretched out like mad like that.