Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gray mittens, take 2

I'm much happier with these. The palm is in plain stockinette and the cursed honeycomb cable is gone, replaced by a continuation of the twisted cable.

I've just started the main part of the second mitten. I really hope I can finish these soon. I like cabling a lot, but the relentless foggy gray of the knitting is getting to me. Too much like the winter sky.
The Fool suggested I pick up something more colorful, but I'm not sure what. Maybe it's time to bring the Cat Bordhi socks I started in August (!!) out of retirement and finish those up.


JustApril said...

They look good, cables are the best, but I can see how too much grey can get to a person. Maybe the languishing socks would be a good diversion.

yarndork said...

How are you liking the snow we sent up your way? My sister in Aurora is about to kill us. Nice mitts, I like that cabling way better then the first one.

=Tamar said...

I agree, they look better to me too.
At least it's a light gray. I'm knitting a hat in dark blue and dark green, and just threw in some very pale blue to lighten it.

the fiddlin' fool said...

Yarndork, we actually prefer our winters this way. As soon as the pretty snow melts, we get more of it.

Seriously, though... I'd much rather have a snowy, warm winter than an ugly, bitter cold winter.

Of course, walking through 3 inches of slush on an unplowed sidewalk on my way to work yesterday was no bargain... but life is full of adventures!

Jakki said...

I just love cables! Your mitts remind me of a pair my grandmother knit for me when I was in grade school. That was back in the olden days when I had to walk a mile to school :-)

Eldronius said...

I like them. The cables in the middle look like the march of the turtles.

And maybe if you think of them not as winter grey, but armadillo icing grey!