Friday, February 01, 2008

Fish and frog

In a valiant burst of late-night painting, the Fool finished the bathroom with a second coat, just in time for guests to see it at tomorrow night's Sixth Annual Robert Burns Supper. I had promised to help him, but I made the mistake of lying down for a brief rest after dinner, and promptly fell asleep.
I woke up at 12:30 a.m. when I heard him pounding the lid on the paint can (Sherwin-Williams, "lupine.")
So to do my part, or at least part of my part, I made a cafe curtain for the bathroom window this afternoon. The window is right next to the toilet and faces the sidewalk, so some kind of window covering was imperative. We had cheap Venetian blinds there, but neither of us liked those.
It's fabric that I - embarassingly - don't remember buying, but as I bought five yards of it, I either had big plans long since forgotten, or the fabric was really cheap.

Adding up the curtains, a woven rug with fish and a ceramic fish we bought in Asheville, N.C. last year, we seem to have ourselves a themed bathroom. We didn't plan that.
That's fish.
This is frog.
I've been working on these mittens, the Aran Mittens from "Folk Mittens," for a couple weeks now, and the more I knit them, the more I find there are some basic design flaws that just aren't going away.

I don't like those little honeycomb cables. Those are my least favorite kind of cables to knit, and I really don't like them here. I think I would rather continue the twisted cable up the sides of the mitten. I like the middle cabling fine, for all that there are bobbles.
Despite what the pattern said, I think increasing six stitches around the entire mitten makes the base of the palm bizarrely poofy. You can't see it here, but trust me, it's poofy.
Speaking of the palm, in the pattern, it's supposed to be worked in reverse stockinette with a traveling knit stitch motif that looks like leaf veining. I couldn't get that to work so I decided to leave it out ... yet still work the palm in reverse stockinette, which just doesn't look as nice to me as actual stockinette would.
Sigh. The signs are pointing to "frog."

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onlyagibson said...

And a mighty fine bathroom, it is. Color is good.