Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday night...

... The Fool is off at a gig and so after spending part of the night with my friend and her two little kids at the Chicago Highland Games, I'm catching up.
Our inaugural Midsummer's party went really well. We rented a dance floor and had a friend bring her sound system over so there could be contra dancing and calling in the yard. There was lots of potluck food and lots of jamming and we're planning on doing it next year.


The pickup band in our oh-so-scenic downstairs patio... sigh.
If I ever got on one of those home makeover shows on HGTV, this is the part of the house I'd turn the designers loose on.

A little Knitting In Public to celebrate WWKIP Day.

Late-night jamming after the dancers packed it in.

One of our aspiring callers, Rachel, takes a turn at the microphone.

Finally, the Cosmic Otters with Extra Otter Edward kick off their pre-partum tour with a Monday night contra dance appearance. We decided to wear Hawaiian shirts and be festive.

A few things to note.
As I am wearing a shirt for two, I got to wear one of the Fool's shirts. I paired it, accidentally, with some thrift-store maternity pants that are a lime and turquoise tropical print. If I'm going to be big, I might as well be loud. I cropped those out of the picture. I don't want to crash the computer.
The Fool is wearing a shirt I made him out of some great sea otter fabric.
Edward is wearing a shirt from Goodwill. I picked it up when I was casing their maternity rack recently (no good finds, boo hiss) and when I gave it to him, we had this conversation.

ME: It's rayon, so I wouldn't put it in the dryer. Wash it and then hang it in the bathroom.
EDWARD: You're assuming I'm going to wear this more than once.
ME: Why wouldn't you? It's a good shirt. It cost a whole $5. Don't young men in London wear Hawaiian shirts?
ME: Not even ironically?
ME: You could wear it when you go home to visit in a week.
EDWARD: (Looks at me as if I suggested he step off the plane in a dress and heels.)
ME: OK, well, what do English fathers wear when they want to embarrass their children on vacation?
EDWARD: Stupid sunhats.

The Cosmic Otters Pre-Partum Tour continues tomorrow with an appearance at the Bishop Hill folk festival.
I'm a little nervous. We're actually performing a concert set, which is totally different than playing for a contra dance. First off, people listen to you. Second off, we sing. If the stage fright doesn't kill me, photos later.

The next major event on the calendar is a contra dance weekend in Delafield. This one is going to be fun.

But all this pales in comparison to the really interesting sock I have on the needles right now. It's a modification of a Ravelry pattern, and I'm happy with how it's turning out. I'll probably knit it in the car tomorrow, so pictures then.
Happy weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Nice shirts. Oddly enough, I'm wearing my Hawaiian shirt tomorrow for a Rav party in downtown Kansas City.

Hey, I'm going to be in your neck of the woods next weekend, for my dad's birthday (he's in Montgomery) and I want to take my sister to a LYS. Have you ever been to Wool and Company up in Geneva? I've heard good things about them. Or would you recommend another one that would not involve a drive into Chicago? Aurora, Naperville, Geneva, maybe as far south as Hinkley is as far as she'd go.

meg said...

Yarndork - Wool and Co. in Geneva is a great yarn store. If I lived closer, I'd spend a lot more time (and money) there. Plus, it's near lots of other little shops and restaurants and the Fox River, so it would make a fun day. Aurora and Naperville don't have too much - there's a place called Zora's Yarn in Naperville, but, eeh. If you want to go to Downers Grove, Knitche is a cool shop too.

Scott said...

You can indeed just make out the line of bikers (impressive) if you click on the picture to enlarge it.

Congrats on not succumbing to stage fright in Bishop Hill. (I'm reading your entries in reverse order.)

I agree that downtown Geneva is a nice place to spend an afternoon. Sometimes I rather miss the so-called Tri-Cities....