Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The spouse who also knits....the dark side

I asked the Fool if he would kitchener a sock for me. It's not that I can't, it's just that every time I do it, I have to look up how it's done. If I could somehow kitchener 15 pairs of socks in a row I think it might sink in, but that's crazy.
So he kitchenered the sock.
(I'd insert a photo, but it's dark and the sock is dark and cables don't show up when you use a flash and so you'll just have to imagine "Saxony" from "A Fine Fleece" in dark blue Dream in Color seconds. That's a picture of someone else's Saxony to help you imagine. "A Fine Fleece," btw, is my new favorite knitting book.)
And then he appropriated the set of 1s I was knitting the sock on for his own project, the second sock of this pair.
(The Fool has Stuff to Blog About. I left him all of Northwest Folklife Festival and the Olympic Peninsula to blog about (including an elk!), not to mention the garden fence, Wee Gerry and Intermediate Gerry, but no, here I am taking pictures of his projects for him. Maybe if he weren't spending so much time stealing needles....)

We started to engage in debate over whether this was an appropriate thing to do, but I had knit group to run off to.
I suppose you could argue that by relinquishing the sock for kitchenering, I was also relinquishing my rights to the needles the sock was on - possession being 9/10ths of the law, or however that saying goes.
I argue, however, that starting a pair of socks on a set of needles entitles the sock knitter to the use of those needles through the completion of the second sock, regardless of whether the kitchenering is done by someone else.
It's OK, though. The knit group put in an order to KnitPicks a couple weeks back, and I got these.


Callie said...

Judge Callie rules: The Fool was within his rights! Maybe Meg can make a bunch of index cards explaining how to do kitchener stitch and leave them in convenient places!

Lanea said...

See, Scott must never learn to knit. Because I think I would bite him if he took the needles I needed to knit the second sock in a pair.

Not that I'm advocating violence against the Fool or any other person. Just, you know, I need my tools, and I need them noooooooowwwwwww!