Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wee Groundhog

So I was out in the yard the other day, and I spied the wee-est groundhog hiding behind a tree. So that I could get good pictures, I gently knocked on the window to get Meg's attention, and she opened the door and snuck me the camera.

It turns out that we have at least 4 groundhogs which live in the greenhouse. This morning, I spied three of them in our three-bin composter (one in each bin, strangely). Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of this. I suspect that the fresh vegetable scraps they get from the compost keep them distracted from all of the tasty vegetables they could get at were they just to burrow under our garden fence. I hope they don't figure that out, but I hear tell that groundhogs, while incredibly cute, aren't all that bright.


Aidan said...

If you would like to protect your garden from the groundhogs, brush the cats and tuck bits of the cat hair around the garden. I used to tuck dog hair in, too. It works.

yarndork said...

My dad says groundhogs are great...he says they taste like chicken.

the fiddlin' fool said...


On the Missouri Department of Conservation, someone wrote about groundhogs. It was a very informative article, except that the part where it said "The flesh of young and lean animals is good food" threw me for a loop.

Read all about it

yarndork said...

My dad just likes to mess with me. My rule is: I don't eat animals that I deem cute. So, he always comments that he loves them; they taste like chicken. No worries though, every time I come visit him, I turn on EVERY light in his house. Look towards Montgomery over the 4th of July weekend. It's his birthday, and I'm coming up for a visit. You may be able to see the glow from Naperville!

meg said...

Yarndork - there's some good shops out toward Oswego/ Montgomery. If you're up for a longer trip over the weekend, consider going to The Fold in Marengo. Totally worth the drive, although it's a bit of a haul.