Friday, June 27, 2008

thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk....

... that is the soundtrack of the day chez Sock Knitters. It's been an eventful week in which the Fool and I have been doing our part to support the roofing industry. On Monday, a roofing company came and replaced the rotting cedar roof on the garage with a new, not-rotting asphalt roof.
They did such a good job that today, they are on the roof of the house, right above my head, fixing some leaks around the chimney, which is good, because leaky roofs are bad and make us tense.
So hooray that - except for the pounding and the thumping and the noises that I swear are these guys beating rocks on the roof for no good reason.
The cats are hiding somewhere and definitely not speaking to me, a condition I expect will last until about dinnertime.
So to take the edge off, I started some new socks which do not use any variation of the Nutkin pattern. They're in Socks that Rock, the pattern with the linen stitch cuff, "Rock n' Weave," I think. I love this colorway. It's perfect for slightly frazzled nerves and it will be more perfect if I take it downstairs, sit on the couch and watch Dr. Who.
These roofers are so loud they have prevented me from taking in-focus pictures. Grrr.

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