Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Food poisoning? Bah!

Meg here, borrowing the Fool's login for reasons too complicated to be worth explaining, but mostly laziness-based.
Despite the case of food poisoning we got on Sunday afternoon, and the gig we had to play that night, despite getting about no sleep Sunday night (what with the food poisoning and Jamie's thoroughly unreasonable demands for care and attention), despite a cab driver who got his cab stuck in the snow in our driveway (which never happens to us, so we think it was all him), despite the discovery an hour into the flight that Jamie really didn't feel like flying from Los Angeles to Honolulu and didn't want to nurse and didn't want to sleep because being on an airplane was much, much too interesting ... we made it here, and it is beautiful and sunny and warm and breezy and I've already eaten sushi and stood in the ocean and visited my family.

(The airplane thing was kinda funny, although at the time, I said to the Fool that taking this trip was the dumbest thing I'd ever done. In an effort to calm Jamie down, as soon as the 'fasten seatbelts' light went off, the Fool leapt up and began pacing the aisles with the baby while I sat in my seat and tried to figure out how bad it would be if I stowed my crying son in an overhead bin, shifting contents be damned. Anyway, it turned out that what Jamie wanted to do was get walked around the airplane so he could meet some new people. He made friends with a nice Russian lady as well as a surfer dude sitting behind us and was all smiles until his horribly boring and still slightly sick parents sat down with him and tried to make him go to sleep.)

More later; thanks to Ravelry, I got a line on some yarn stores on the island, and something about souvenir yarn from Hawaii makes me giggle. We also found out when the local knitters' group meets, so maybe we'll go meet some folks.

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Theresa said...

Hopefully you have more luck at finding yarn in Honolulu than I did in Maui. Sadly, the stores that I found had less selection than my stash and lots of novelty yarn. I wanted something that I could not get anywhere else.

Enjoy yourselves!!