Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's Day

For New Year's, our original plan was to have a couple of friends over for a nice pork dinner. On our way back home from Christmas vacation, I called them to make arrangements. After talking for a bit, we decided it would be nice to invite a couple of more friends over.

After hanging up the phone, I told Meg the plan. "Darling, we are now having four people over for dinner. We can get a pork tenderloin and roast that up nicely."

"Hmmm... we have to toss the pork idea, because they are Jewish." Crap, I forgot that part.

Possibly my dementia from being couped up in a car for 12 hours brought this response: "Ooo, I know! How about we cook that big turkey we bought a few weeks back?" I later found out that Meg was raising her eyebrows at me in disbelief.

See, we bought this 18-pound turkey from Meijer a few weeks back that they were trying to offload by the expiration date. It was a really good deal... so good, in fact, that we couldn't pass it up.

"Well," she replied after some thought, "we better invite some more people to help us eat that thing."

So we ended up accidentally throwing a New Year's dinner party for 12.

The preparations went off really well.

Meg wanted to make sure that the turkey skin was nice and dry so that it would crisp up in the oven.

Our friend Susan brought a plum pudding that her in-laws bought her as a Christmas present. Here she is making the special brandy sauce and lighting it on fire. (Sorry, this one really needed a video!)

Our friend Janice, knowing that we were now in the post-holiday season, decided to help us take down our Christmas tree by merely brushing against it. The only problem was that we were hoping to wait until we got all of the ornaments off of it. Fortunately for us, our friend Ed (pictured under the tree) is an expert with Christmas tree stands.

The table looked fabulous.

The turkey looked fabulous.

The babies looked fabulous, too!

It was like Thanksgiving all over again. This time, we ended up with a ton of leftovers. Thank goodness for potlucks!


Susan said...

Dementia or no, it was a great time, Thanks for hosting such a fun gathering!

Lanea said...

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful party, and Jamie is adorable, and I love the Dalek, and Angus is a hoot, and I miss you all.