Saturday, April 03, 2010

She turned me into a newt!

That's the best excuse I have for the prolonged absence.
Here is how pathetic it is: One of my knitting group friends had to tell me someone posted on Ravelry to see what we were doing because I haven't even been on Ravelry very much either.
Nothing bad, nothing difficult ... just some things getting in the way of blogging.
The Fool joined a new Irish band (but they're arguing over the name, so I can't tell you who they are yet), and so he's been busy with some extra rehearsals, which means I've been busy with Jamie more evenings.
The Cosmic Otters have had a lot of gigs. We just finished a week in the Southeast, which I will blog about in 2014, and we've got some more gigs coming up.
We did some car shopping. The Fool's car developed a bizarre can't-be-reproduced-for-the-mechanic power-steering/ power-brakes failure and we'd been researching for a while, so we took the big step into suburbanhood and ... bought a minivan. Like every other family-with-kids in the suburbs of Chicago. I went to the grocery store, parked my new car and couldn't find it for six weeks in the parking lot. So that ate up some blogging time.

As soon as I got it home, I put an identifying marker on the tailgate so now I can find it in parking lots.

Before spring came, I knit the Fool a pair of mittens.

Old mittens. Notice that when I knit those I didn't understand that thumbs aren't webbed the same way flippers are.

New mittens. Bulky Cascade 122 tweed. So fun to knit, because they were so fast. And the thumbs fit and everything! The contrasting brown strips are because I was afraid I was running out of yarn.

I tried to knit a sweater from A Fine Fleece for the Knitting Olympics, but I didn't quite make it. Still, I was impressed with how much sweater a person can knit if they knit like a madwoman on one thing, and one thing only. I was going to try to finish it for the Fool by St. Patrick's Day, but I was pretty sick of it, so it's on a time out for now.

Jamie continues to prevent me from getting lots of things done. Dear blog, don't feel neglected, because despite my sincere and desperate desire to spend time with my sewing machine, that hasn't been happening. Nor have plans to reorganize the bathroom, fix the screen door or sort through all the books and send some to the resale shop. Instead, I spend a lot of time reading about raccoons and pretending to call raccoons on the phone with Jamie. He's on a raccoon kick, or at least, he has been ever since one showed up on our porch and scared the living daylights out of him one night. Instead, we talk about them a lot. A. Lot.

Also, cussing out cats. I spend a lot of time cussing out cats, especially bad cats who get all friendly with the wool and chew small holes in it to show their love. This was a baby surprise jacket. Now it's going to get felted and made into a sack that I can stuff bad cats into.

This is the most amazing thing I have eaten lately. It was all Rachel's idea. She and Edward were over for a weekend visit/ Cosmic Otters rehearsal, and we had leftover roasted asparagus from dinner and a few mushrooms kicking around in the fridge, so she pulled up this recipe, and ... voila! I was afraid the egg thing would be weird, but it is not in the least.


Anonymous said...

WHEEEEEE!!! You are all here and no one was eaten by crocodiles or run over by stampeeding giraffes! I was quite worried about you all. Jamie has grown while we weren't watching. Wow. And glad you have a reliable vehicle now. For the band name, I vote for "Aran (yes!) Go Bragh". That oughtta give them something to think about. Mittens are handsome. I like using stripes even when there is plenty of yarn!. Sending you hugs, Paula in Iowa

LaurieM said...

Hi there! So nice to hear from you. :-) Jamie is *such* a cutie-patootie.

Hang in there. Life will slow down again eventually....

Steve, Holly, Joey and Timbo said...

A minivan, huh? Is the plan to take your marimba to the park?

haricot vert said...

Glad you're back!

meg said...

Holly - yeah. And we took the piano to the library the other day, too.

JustApril said...

"I got betta"

love the bumper sticker - I keep a jack n' the box head on my antenna or I can't find my car to save my life - great pics and raccoon story, porch raccoons are so much nicer than porch possums ~shudder~ had both after my cat food when I lived in the sticks

pizza looks very yummy, too