Friday, April 09, 2010

I decided this morning....

.... after pawing through Jamie's sock drawer, which has many, many useless socks in it (too small, mismatched, etc., etc.) that when I run the world, toddler socks are going to come in one color, and one color only. I'm leaning toward white. Although I would consider blue or green for a little variety.
I've been told by various mom friends that I should just go to Old Navy and buy a bale of white socks, and other mom friends have suggested that maybe I work on letting go of the idea that socks need to match.
But regardless, Jamie is out in the world today in a white sock (because I found two white socks but on the way to getting them on his feet, dropped one and couldn't find it) and a blue striped sock (because then, I said, 'screw it' and grabbed the first sock I saw) ... and I'm working on not caring very much.
This week, we were at a parent-child program thing, and one of the other moms saw his mismatched socks and said, "oh, did he pick out his clothes today?"
I smiled and said, "Yes."
That's my story and I'll be sticking to it.
To take the edge off, I cast on a sock myself. This is my Basket of Inspiration, or, a basket of pretty pretty sock yarn that I have on my computer desk so I can look at it and start knitting it. The stuff in the front is part of a pair of Skew socks. The yarn I cast on today is Miss Babs "Frog Princess," but to me, it says "Spring bulb garden."
The Fool has the camera cord today, so I can't photograph the sock, but it's from Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott's "Sock Club."

Back to knitting! Jamie is taking an extra long nap today and I've decided to take full advantage and not do anything useful at all.


JakkiMitch said...

Enjoyed getting caught up with your recent posts! Don't worry about sewing & reorganizing... That stuff will wait. Your little guy (as you well know) won't! Have Fun!!

=Tamar said...

I vote for not caring for the next four months. Summer sandals don't require socks. Then go for the bale of _identical_ white socks.

Thorny said...

When I run the world, all children's socks will be white, with a line stitched across the toe. There will be global standardization, and different color lines will indicate different sock sizes.

That way, when the child starts to outgrow one size of socks, you don't have to sort through an endless pile of plain white socks, squinting at each one in turn, trying to figure out if it's the "new" size, the old size, or poor-quality "new" size socks that have shrunk (but perhaps not so much that they must be discarded... perhaps).

I still have lingering baby-sock resentment, I have to admit.

LaurieM said...

Yup. We buy socks by the bale. It's the only way to go.

The boys and husband are so close in size now that it gets hard to figure out whose socks and underwear are whose. Our technique is grey socks for the boys (grey doesn't show the dirt as much) white for Jim, and Jim gets the underwear with the fabric covered waist band.

But I you've got a long way to go till you have this problem... :)

JenSmall said...

I agree with the bale of white Old Navy socks. That's what we do. Once I did Target instead, and the socks were not as good (for baby). Childrens Place is also good. For our 5 year old, we do Target socks, white with grey toe and heel. Then, it's easy to just pair them up out of the wash. I also have a philosophy that every child deserves new socks, and moms deserve not to have to try to store socks for the next child. When the kids grow out of the socks, I THROW THEM AWAY. Very liberating.

Tiny Tyrant said...

Hehe. My friend's 6 year old son deliberately wears mismatched socks.

Won't leave the house if they match.