Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long week

It's only 9:37 a.m. here and I have an eye twitch.
Jamie has been experimenting with some new and bizarre sleep patterns. Sunday night, the Fool was chatting online with a friend of ours who has two small kids, and she asked how dark his room was when we put him down for naps. Some blackout curtains might be just the key, she said.
The Fool leapt to his feet, demanded I put down the sewing project I was working on (nice flowery pretty stuff) and make, that minute, a blackout shade for the skylight in Jamie's room.
He hauled the stepladder out the next morning before work and hung the shade, and now Romeo spends all day in his new, cushy cave, snuggled on quilts sleeping.
Glad someone is sleeping around here.
Now if only he'd help with the laundry.
Anyway, in light of the long week, I combined a 40 percent off coupon at JoAnns with the new Martha Stewart needlework book, and it's been about as wonderful as I expected. I just like looking at all the very tasteful beautiful pictures of needlework projects in their native environments ... soft dusty earth tones, sage greens ... and not a board book in sight. Obviously, no one lives in her photo shoot land.
But, you know, that's all OK ... because we are mostly packed for Maryland Sheep and Wool! See you all on Saturday. I've been preparing Jamie for his first big fiber festival by singing the sheep and alpaca verses of Old MacDonald.

(Annual kid-in-a-tree picture. Spring 2010.)

(Same kid, same tree, 2009. I had no idea he and the Fool collaborated on outfits for these photos.)


Ms. Kimba said...

I too am going to Maryland! I'll be leaving Saturday morning as it's only an hour drive from me..just going to stay the day with my boys. If I see you i'll be sure to say hi!

Always enjoy reading what you have to say :)

Katy said...

So cute! And yes, as the former caregiver of small children, when they get to be about the age/size of Jamie, blackout curtains are a necessity, just like having there be some light in the room during daytime naps when they are wee and tiny and don't understand night-and-day is important to teaching them that difference.

But! More importantly, what sound does an alpaca make on Old MacDonald's farm? Giraffes go "munch, munch" and Goats say "meh" and Caterpillars go "pop!" (from their eggs and cocoons, dontchaknow?), but alpacas and llamas were always ones I had to skip since they didn't seem to make noises.

Thorny said...

Katy - Alpacas say, "kazoo, kazoo" because their humming sounds like kazoos!

At least, that's what they sounded like at my MacDonald's Farm. :)

meg said...

Katy and Thorny: Alpacas go "haaach-ptoo!" because sometimes they spit. I guess our farm has cranky alpacas.

Susan said...

Meg, I really want to hear you sing, "and a haaach-pthoo here and an a haaach-pthoo there, here a haach-pthoo, there a haaach-pthoo, everywhere a haaach-pthoo"!

Lanea said...

It was great to see you all last weekend! I wish I hadn't been working so much, and that the weather was less, well, the way it was.

And I now have blackout-curtain envy. Maybe I need to make some for our bedroom.