Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bowtie Socks Update

Well, here is the first bowtie sock that I finished on the plane. I like the colors quite a bit and am looking forward to wearing these soon.

The heel is an adaptation of the Balbriggan Heel from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks book. It's one of those strange heels that requires grafting at the end. Since the heel ends with no stitches left on the heel needle, the gusset seam runs all the way around the foot. Therefore, the heel is putting weight on a seam. I think the heel looks a bit nobbly, but this does disappear when worn.

Another angle.

The colorway the Balbriggan Heel produces is quite stunning with this self-striping yarn. Now I just wish that those darn bowties showed up better!

I'm not sure I would do a Balbriggan Heel again, but it certainly was an interesting endeavor. I also have to stop contorting my body in positions it would rather not find itself in order to take pictures of my feet!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That *is* an awesome heel! Too bad the nifty stripes are on the bottom of your foot!

meg said...

You know, I would photograph your feet for you if you asked me to....

Nowhere Nick said...

Great job on the socks...I still can't believe how fast you knit them.


Kenny said...

Interesting. I borrowed Folk Socks from the library and maybe thinking about buying it. Do you like it?

What yarn did you use that is self striping like that? It looks like Knitpicks Simple Stripes?

the fiddlin' fool said...


I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing any of the patterns, but the variations on toes and heels proved interesting enough for me to buy it. Certainly, you could do the patterns, but nothing really struck me.

The yarn, BTW, is Sockotta, though I don't know which color scheme.