Sunday, August 28, 2005

Drunken Rib Socks

These were a pair I knit for a friend as part of a barter. He built me a wooden footboard I could go ticky-tack on when I play fiddle (it's a Quebecois thing), and in turn I knitted him these socks. It features a few degrees of drunken ribbing (10 stitch offset on the leg, 2 stitch offset on the foot), done up in a Regia stripe on Addi 1s. They feature the band heel from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks, which is a heel shaping that results in no gusset stitches. The feet were originally knitted a little too small for the recipient, so I had to back them out and correct it.

I did these both at the same time from different ends of the same ball of yarn. It actually worked quite well, though the feet seemed to take forever. I guess I prefer mixing up the techniques when I do one sock at a time over two socks at once.

Here's the profile shot.

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