Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A New Sock.... maybe

So I started a new sock. It's a twisted stitch pattern I got out of Barbara Walker 2, and I'm knitting it up with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. I've done a few repetitions of the pattern, and the problem is that it doesn't look anything like what it's supposed to look like. I thought the problem might be in the variegation, so I tested out a separate sample using a solid color. It still looks really wrong. So... I don't know. Perhaps I'm not knitting correctly or something. I might scrap the sock, or I might keep it and change pattern somewhere, or maybe I'll just knit the whole thing like this and hope it doesn't look too strange.

Taking a break from this sock has given me a bit of time to continue on the heel and foot of my argyle sock. I have decided to employ Cat Bordhi's suggestion to use a smaller needle for the heel and sole stitches. She swears that it doesn't make the sock smaller, so that must mean it stretches the sock out somewhat in both directions.

So for the argyle sock, I needed an Addi 1 and an Addi 2. Since I didn't want to give up my Lorna's Laces sock just yet, I decided to do the new LL sock on an Addi 1 using the Magic Loop technique, thus freeing up a needle. It's only a 24" needle, which is shorter than recommended, but it has given me no trouble. I could use a slightly longer needle, but certainly 24" is enough to get by.

In other news, I finished the Entrelac Sock pattern and submitted it to MenKnit for their upcoming magazine. Yes, this means that I owe some of you the pattern. Don't worry, as I will be e-mailing it out within a couple of days.


Kenny said...

Can't wait for that entrelac pattern. Nice job!

mad angel said...

I'd like a copy of the entrelac pattern as well. Hope MenKnit likes it and publishes! Enjoyed the latest round of pics -- you have been busy!!! Lovely work.