Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Bowtie Socks

Okay, so I'm at the boring part of a bunch of projects. The barter socks are on the foot, and the intarsia section is done on the first argyle. Sometimes you just want to knit something interesting. So my wife handed me the second Barbara Walker's Stitch Treasury (original edition) and suggested I make up a pattern from there.

So I found a nice pattern out of there that produces little bowties. I decided to try this out on some manly-looking Sockotta, and, as I don't own any hand-knit cotton socks yet, I thought it would be nice to wear them when I finish. The pattern involves knitting into the stitch below. It took me a while to figure out that this actually meant knitting into both the stitch below and the top one. It was a few rows before I realized that the big, ugly ladder hanging off the front wasn't actually correct. I backed those out and am now on the right path.

It wasn't until I started knitting that I noticed that the pattern out of the book was submitted by a lady from Oak Park, where I am currently living. It's a small world after all! I wonder if she still lives here.

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Nowhere Nick said...

Thanks for the info! Unfortunately I don't think I will be submitting any patterns this time. I am definitely not at that stage in my knitting expertise. Thanks anyway.