Saturday, September 16, 2006

Britches Update

So the men's knitting group has, in fact, been meeting regularly. Summer was a bit slow, but things are showing signs of picking up. Two new fellows, Michael and Hugo, attended for the first time last week. They live over in Ukrainian Village, have been to other knitting groups in the area, and heard about us through MenKnit. Michael was knitting his first sock ever: a vintage sock out of Nancy Bush's book, and I thought it looked great. Hugo was knitting a beautiful wrap of some sort. His stitches are absolutely impeccable. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of either project, because apparently photos are prohibited inside the establishment. We found this a bit unusual, since we've never had problems before. Maybe we just got caught this time.

We also had a slight mishap. Apparently a stranger was rummaging through one of our bags while we weren't looking. A very nice man noticed this going on, and the guy bolted out the door. Fortunately, we're pretty certain he didn't take anything, but it was still a bit unnerving nonetheless.

We were graced with the presence of two people this week who are doing stories on our group. One guy is a producer from Chicago Public Radio and has come the last few meetings to record conversations for the piece. It may never make the airwaves and is mostly for his personal collection, but he promises to let us listen to it once it's complete. He's a knitter as well, and I hope that he continues to come to the meetings once his story is complete. The other reporter was a woman from Time Out Chicago who was very enthusiastic about doing the story. I think we gave her enough information, and we are supposedly going to appear in an October issue.

I have to admit that, while I find all of this attention from interviewers flattering, I am growing a bit weary of the questions (I think this was the fourth interview for the group). It would be nice to think that there really isn't anything worth reporting about a men's knitting group, but apparently I am wrong. Please do us a favor, however. If you are thinking about doing a story on our group, please hold off interviewing us for at least a few months so that we can have some good, quality time enjoying each other's company, free of interview questions. Really, we're friendly guys and like providing information about our group, but it's also nice to have some time to ourselves where we can really feel like we're not so unusual (delusional as it may be).

On a somewhat related note, I've been asked to review Michael del Vecchio's new book entitled Knitting With Balls: The First Contemporary Guide To Knitting For The Modern Male. This is very exciting for me, as I've never been asked to provide a review before. Michael is one of the founders of, and I'm glad to see that he's written a book. I'll let you know when it comes out.

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Franklin said...

Oh, dear. I do miss all the fun, don't I?