Sunday, September 10, 2006

Not Idle Hands

Well, sort of. I have managed to finish a pair of socks for a friend who is in turn constructing some reinforced, decorative coathangers. Certainly they are not the most elaborate pattern I've ever done, but I didn't have target feet readily available for sizing and therefore didn't want to get too complicated.

I am so incredibly close to finishing these, it's really starting to bug me that they are not yet complete. I am calling them the negative socks, since one is the exact negative of the other.

I am well on my way into my first pair of cabled socks. It's a simple cable pattern out of the Schurch book. It's much subtler than if I had knitted it with a solid-color sock yarn, but I like it nonetheless.

Then there is the double-secret cardigan I've been working on over the last few months. It's complete except for the buttons running down the front and some duplicate stitch detailing. The recipient of the sweater does read this blog, and since this is intended to be a surprise, I cannot reveal any more details at this point. Although I can show you a few things.

We went out for dim sum this morning with a few friends. We had an unexpected friend join us for lunch. He told me that he would be happy to eat any ha gow we didn't feel like finishing. We informed him that he was out of luck.


Aidan said...

Are you trying to kill me? The negative socks just made my head explode! You KNEW this would happen!

LaurieM said...

Is the little animal on the green background a guinea pig? We live with three of them, and it's a pretty cute representation.

If it isn't one, just tell me it is anyway. ;)

the fiddlin' fool said...

Aidan, didn't you know? I knit it simply because I knew it would make your head explode.

the fiddlin' fool said...

Laurie, while it is not supposed to be a guinea pig, I can tell you that it was actually based off a guinea pig cross-stitch pattern. I adapted it for intarsia on a coarser scale, and hoped it would look a little less guinea pig like... oh well. At least it looks like a rodent.

Dee said...

The cable sock is GORGEOUS!