Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who says it's not a sport?

I was talking to the Fool over dinner last night about the new Knitty.
I mentioned there were some cool sock patterns, which got his attention. And an article on twisted stitches, which I plan to read in great detail.
Then I mentioned, casually, that there was an article on how to knit two socks, one inside the other.
This is a bit of knitting magic I'm rather keen to work.
But someone I live with (who is not a cat, if that helps you narrow it down) has a thing about knitting socks and I suspect, would be bothered if I were to do some cooler sock knitting first.
I said, "There's an article on knitting two socks, one inside the other," and he said, in that I'm-very-interested-but-pretending-not-to-be tone of voice, "Really? I'll have to look at that."
So now, it's like the Ghost of Sock Knitting Past rattling chains in the bedroom at night - and keeping me from sleep.
I found the article, darnit, I should get to knit it first.


Aprilynne said...

Competitive knitting.... interesting! Go MEG GO! =)

I tried to understand some instructions for that method and my brain melted. I understand the 'concept', but keeping it straight in my head, every other stitch, switching the yarn back and forth - oy! I think I'll try Fair Isle first and see how that goes.

Looking forward to seeing the pics for that project.

meg said...

Heh. I'm afraid maybe you'd best be served by home movies - me hurling the knitting into a corner, me jumping up and down on it, me drinking vodka straight from the bottle ... I looked at those directions again tonight.

LaurieM said...

I've double knitted for some fingers on a glove and it was a royal pain. Marginally worth it to not have eighteen stitches on 3 DPNs, but I wouldn't have fun knitting a sock that way. And after all, it's supposed to be fun damn it!

Besides, can't you two find other ways to stay awake rattling in the bedroom at night?

Franklin said...

Save yourself time and go ahead and book the marriage counselor now.

Aidan said...

Stephanie Pearl McPhee has a recurring nightmare thatshe would knit a pair of socks in this manner and, in a moment of great anticipatiion, go to pull the one sock from inside the other, only to find she had crossed two stitches well before the heel and the two socks are inseparable conjoined twins. I think there was a literary reference that went along with it -- I want to say Russian, but I could be wrong. I bet Franklin would know.

meg said...

Yeah. Russian. Raskolnikov discovered he had knitted conjoined socks right before he went to find his axe.

Anonymous said...

The literary reference is War and Peace. One of the characters entertains the children by pulling one sock out of the other at a party. I was just explaining to someone in a LYS that I once did this after reading about it in the book and figuring it out, back in the early 80's, when I had left over brain power for this sort of thing. I checked the Knitty instructions, and she includes a short row heel. I believe I must have cheated when I did it, and done an afterthought heel, because all I remember is knitting the tube. It *is* fun, if you have time to devote to it, but if you like the socks, usually there is no second sock syndrome.


Cortster said...

I can understand the theory behind the instructions and the concept of doing both socks at the same time to avoid second sock syndrome and, perhaps, to demonstrate a bit of superiority in the mastery of sock knitting techniques.

On the other hand, this is definitely something I would do in a moment of extreme knitting boredom which has yet to occur.

Not to mention that I'm beginning a solidly-booked schedule of birthday and Christmas knitting (everyone has started their Christmas knitting, right?) that just doesn't leave time for it.

On the other hand, I'm going to love hearing how it goes with you and the Fool!

Lot's of pics, right? (please?)

meg said...

Christmas knitting? Oh, I finished that stuff in August.

So far, I haven't cast on for two socks at once, but I can honestly say it's entirely a matter of establishing knitting superiority and nothing to do with the dreaded SSS.

P.S. - thanks to the literary-minded who came through with the War and Peace reference.