Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What they talk about

The Fool and I have this running joke, which started when I went to a women's craft circle.
FOOL: That's not fair, that I can't go.
ME: Well, the rule is that whomever is hosting it gets to make the call, and she said it's women-only this month, so that's that. If you want to come, we should host it, and I'll make it co-ed.
FOOL: What do you do at these things that I couldn't come? I know all these women anyway.
ME: (snarkily). We talk about our periods. And vaginas.*

Fast-forward several months. The Fool had gone off to his men's knitting group and upon his return, we had this conversation.
ME: So, how were the Britches?
FOOL: Fine, we had a good time.
ME: What did you talk about?
FOOL: Um, penises.
ME: No, come on, really, what did you talk about?
FOOL: Really. Penises.

And then tonight.
ME: So, how was knitting group?
FOOL: Fun! We got into this conversation about menstruation. And menopause.
ME: ?!?!?!?

So there you have it. When women get together in same-sex groups, we talk about our periods. When men get together in same-sex groups, they do too. Mystery solved.

I've been working on the back of the River Forest Gansey from Knitted Holidays (I think that's the title.) I know, technically, this is not an authentic gansey, but that's what the designer called it. It's a fun knit. I'm doing it in Cascade 220. And I'm knitting some monstersocken for a wacky contra dance caller we'll be seeing at Gypsy Moon Ball at the end of October. Just finished the heel, and am on the gusset, my favorite part.

* At a co-ed incarnation of this same group recently, I recounted the same conversation I shared here, and the hostess went rummaging around in her closet and found a piece of lewd origami someone had folded for her out of a dollar bill, a representation of the female sex organs.
"Huh," the Fool said. "It's a little airplane."
"Er," we said. "No."


Inky said...

HAHA!! I needed a laugh today and damn, that's all kinds of funny.

A little airplane....hahahahahahh!!

Aidan said...

I can't believe the one meeting I miss is the one where they talk about menstration. Damn.