Monday, September 18, 2006

Not knitting

But a finished object nonetheless, and actually, a finished object that I started way back when, two addresses ago, before I even knew the Fool was out there. It feels good to get it off my back; it was turning into an albatross.

Compared to the subdued quilt I had on the bed before - vintage and modern Asian indigo prints - this thing makes the bedroom hum. I joke about how it glows in the dark. The Fool loves it, and the cats seem to like it too.


Franklin said...

I know I'm, like, gay and stuff, but if the Fool were out of the picture I would be tempted to offer my hand on the basis of your quilting skills alone.

Circumstances being what they are, however, I will content myself with pining from afar.

lola coca-cola said...

o. m. g.
that is a seriously gorgeous work of art.

Thorny said...

Omigod, it's FANTASTIC!! Wow!! I can't wait to see it "live"!

LaurieM said...

Lovely like an autumn woods. And such intricate squares.

Sockbug said...

It looks great! I bet you are pleased to have it done!

Aidan said...




Anonymous said...

from afar, it looks like falling leaves in all the autumn colors.

spectacular quilt!

anne marie in philly (de-lurking, finally)

Donna said...

Wow, this is crazy beautiful - nice quilting!

Eldronius said...

oooh, I love it! I never thought about doing a quilt (making one that is), but now I am getting seriously tempted. But if I made one that looked that nice, I am certain I would just roll around on it and giggle all day long!

GaiaGal said...

Holy-freakin'-Wow!!! Now, that's a quilt!!!

Way to go on getting that baby on the bed! Ahem, the quilt,not the Fool.


sprite said...

The quilt is beautiful -- and utterly perfect for the season.