Sunday, October 22, 2006

In Which The Two SockKnitters Learn They Are Not As Clever As They Thought They Were

She knew.
Thorny knew.
It turns out that while we were patting ourselves on our not-so-sneaky backs for arranging a surprise trip to Rhinebeck, she guessed what was up. So while we were spending our time trying not to give the secret away, she was spending her time trying not to let on that she knew anyway.

But no matter.

We had a great time. There was yarn, roving, two new drop spindles purchased (I still have not fallen prey to the call of the pretty, pretty wool) some new friends, some really delicious Italian almond cake, leaping llamas, pumpkin-hurling trebuchets, curly-haired sheep and a goat that nibbled on my clapotis tassel ... yeah. Good weekend.

We're unpacking right now, and contemplating bed (hung out with knitbloggers until very late last night) so here's a picture until I can get to the good stories. It's of a Bluefaced Leicester, the Fool's favorite kind of sheep. In particular, it's of a rather randy Bluefaced Leicester.


Thorny said...

Thank you both so much for such a great weekend!

I have the bestest best friend EVAR! :D

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

What a funny situation! Glad all of you had a good time.

LaurieM said...

Sounds like the three of you are all just too, too nice.

Lanea said...

Hey, I made that cake! And I helped keep you up way past bedtime.

It was great to meet all y'all (secret hillbilly code there) this weekend. I hope you had a good trip back. Come to Maryland Sheep and Wool!

JaymeKnits said...

It was great meeting you both Saturday night(or was is Sunday morning). You definately need to come to MDSW next year. We'll throw a party with lots of wool and cake.

The Purloined Letter said...

I am so pleased to have gotten to meet you briefly at Rhinebeck!

Hannah (also part of a two-knitter romance--and we're raising a little knitter as well!).

mapgirl said...

Really excellent staying up all night with you kids! Take up Jayme and Lanea's offer to come out for MDSW next year. :-)