Thursday, October 26, 2006

Two conversations about knitting....

... and one disturbing revelation.

Thorny and I are trying not to stalk the Yarn Harlot, even though we made the Fool take a picture like some weirdo fiber paparazzo.

THORNY: I'm really trying not to go over there and be all fangirl - "ooh, I love your books," - what am I supposed to do? Ask her to sign something?'
ME: (Rummages purse, looking for something Thorny could get the Yarn Harlot to autograph while thinking of the weirdest thing I've ever heard people ask a celebrity to do.) Hmm. You could do that rock star thing.
THORNY: What rock star thing?
ME: You could ask her to sign your left breast or something. I bet someone has a Sharpie.
THORNY: I'm not asking her to autograph my boob.
ME: And then you could go get a tattoo of her signature.
ME: Oh, come on.

At work, Tuesday, eating lunch with Nikki and Katie:
KATIE: What are you knitting?
ME: It's the Baby Surprise Jacket. It's a design by a woman named Elizabeth Zimmerman, who was a pretty famous knitter - she came up with some really innovative ideas.
KATIE: What's surprising about it?
ME: Well, you knit this big flat flobbery thing and then you fold it up and sew a couple of seams and it turns into a little cardigan.
ME: I'm not exactly sure how it works - it's a very exciting piece of knitting, really.
NIKKI and KATIE: Hahahahahahah!!!!
ME: Well, I think it's exciting.

Fine. Hats for everyone:
I got a press release from Consumer Reports today, about their Holiday Shopping Poll. A lot of it was boring, except for this stunner.
Buyer beware. In 2005, clothing was the most disappointing category of gifts received (36%) — the biggest offender was socks (11%)

Back to sewing up the Halloween costume. The Fool and I have a gig at a costumed contra dance, and we're going in Renaissance finery. So I'm working on what he refers to as "a wenchcoat."
With luck, I'll make enough progress to justify a little knitting before bed. The Baby Surprise Jacket is getting really gripping.


LaurieM said...

The attitude of your co-workers is why we knitters love the festivals. The muggles just don't get it.

Stephanie said...

The baby surprise jacket is exciting. Very. (That first conversation is weird though.)

meg said...

Yes, well, I wasn't about to hand over my map of the fairgrounds. I'd never have found the llama barn again.

Faith said...

Yes, the most suprising thing always seems to be when a knitter runs into someone NOT astounded by something like the Baby Suprise Sweater. =) I've knit it too, and wanted everyone to be shocked and amazed. They were. Sort of. To my face. =)

Thorny said...

This is payback for my stealing your thunder on the Amy Singer fiasco, isn't it?

Lanea said...

Of course it's surprising! It's wool magic!

I think the people are disappointed in crap socks from Walmart made out of plastic. Handknit socks are too too good to dislike. And if you know anyone who doesn't appreciate your knitting, why the hell are you giving them socks? They are not worthy.

Aidan said...

I would DEFINITELY ask the Harlot to sign my boob...of course, since I'm a middle-aged man, it wouldn't be so um pretty. But she is soooo the rock star of knitting.

My plan is to cast on the baby surprise tomorrow -- IK have a friend and master knitter visiting on Monday who can talk me through any questions. But it sure does look exciting.

Anna said...

This is really funny, since she DID sign my boob at the Madison stop! She is the rock star of the knitting world, though.