Friday, October 20, 2006

Shhhh ... it's a secret

"Gee, it'd be fun to go to Rhinebeck."
"Yeah. It would."

So we are.


Why are we not playing blogger bingo or any of the other fun Rhinebeck festivities all of blogland has been talking about? Why, because we are kidnapping Thorny and taking her with us ... and it's a surprise. So we've been gleefully rubbing our hands together in absolute, suffering silence over here.
She is en route from Madison as we speak, and we have concocted a plausible cover story as to why we have to drive somewhere with suitcases tomorrow, and, yeah.
The cover story has to do with faulty plumbing and the water being shut off and the floor being torn up and having to stay in a hotel, and as we had a water heater failure that caused us to call our landlord at 1:30 a.m. last Saturday, it's not that outlandish.
It beats the Fool's idea of simply eyeing her sternly and saying, "You'll pack your suitcase and get in that car if you know what's good for you," or mine, of making her play rock-paper-scissors for the privilege of asking a yes-or-no question.

Back to packing now, and trying to figure out what kind of knitting project to take with us. Socks, probably and the River Forest Gansey.

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Sean said...

Seems like the whole knitting/blogging world was at Rhinebeck. I wish something like that would happen here in Minnesota!

Love the blog!